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Computer Science Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on CPU

6 CPU gets the address of next instruction to be processed from
A Instruction register
B Memory address register
C Index register
D Program counter

Answer: Option [D]
7 Cycle Stealing refers to -
A reduction in the number of clock cycles for memory access in a cache memory
B overlapping of the memory refresh operation and memory read operations in dynamic memories
C reduction in instruction cycle time through instruction pipelining
D none of these

Answer: Option [D]
8 CPU consists of
A ALU, Control Unit and Registers
B ALU and Control Unit
C ALU, Control Unit and Hard Disk
D ALU, Control Unit and Monitor

Answer: Option [A]
9 Which application is handled in ROM ?
A Storage for information on cabling of terminals, such as which ports have terminals on them
B Storage for protected passwords
C Storage for microprograms
D Storage for temporary variables

Answer: Option [C]
10 Which of following coordinates various operations using timing signals ?
A control unit
B memory unit
C Input-Output Unit

Answer: Option [A]


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