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PHP Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

6 Which function is used to remove HTML Tags from a string in PHP?
A regex
B strip_tags()
C replaceAll()
D stripHtmlTags()

Answer: Option [B]

The strip_tags() function removes HTML tags from a string

7 Which function is used to decode URL encoded strings in PHP ?
A HttpUtility.UrlDecode()
B URLDecoder()
C getByte()
D rawurlencode()

Answer: Option [D]

The rawurldecode() function decodes URL-encoded strings in PHP

8 Which function is used to convert Ampersands(&) to &, Double quotes("") to " in PHP
A htmlDecode()
B regex
C htmlspecialchars()
D parse()

Answer: Option [C]
9 Which function is used to compare strings as strings in PHP ?
A startswith()
B strcmp()
C compare()
D compareTo()

Answer: Option [B]

To compare strings as strings in PHP strcmp() is used.

10 In PHP, which function converts strings to lowercase before comparing them ?
A lower()
B toLowerCase()
C strcasecmp()
D lc()

Answer: Option [C]


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