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Multiple Choice Interview Questions and Answers for SQL Database Administrator Jobs

31 Which of the following is a data query statement in QUEL ?
D None of the above

Answer: Option [B]
32 Which type of join returns all rows that satisfy the join condition ?
A Inner join
B Outer join
C Semi Join
D Anti join

Answer: Option [B]
33 Which one of the following aggregate SQL function returns number of rows ?
A avg
B min
C count
D sum

Answer: Option [C]
34 Which of the following is not transaction characteristic in SQL ?
A access mode
B diagnnostics size
C isolation level
D commit

Answer: Option [D]
35 Under which condition, the value R ⟨ S/S equal to R (here ⟨ stands natural join and/ denotes division).
A When R and S are having at least one attribute common
B The degree of S is less than the degree of R
C The degree of R is less than the degree of S
D When R and S are having no attribute in common

Answer: Option [A]


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