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Biology MCQs and Answers for CBSE PMT Exam

16 A chromosome with centromere near the middle is called
A metacentric
B submetacentric
C acrocentric
D telocentric

Answer: Option [B]
17 X-chrosome is
A Telocentric
B Submetacentric
C Acrocentric
D Acentric

Answer: Option [B]
18 Y-chromosome is
A Acrocentric
B Telocentric
C Submetacentric
D Acentric

Answer: Option [A]
19 A giant chromosome with a number of chromonemeta is
A Lampbrush chromosome
B Hetero chromosome
C Supernumerary chromosome
D Polytene chromosome

Answer: Option [D]
20 Chromatid is
A one half of chromosome
B haploid chromosome
C complete chromosome
D duplicate chromosome

Answer: Option [A]


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