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Climatology Objective Questions and Answers | Geography Questions GkSeries

51 Which one of the following is called North-easter ?
A Cold and fast blowing winds in northern hemisphere that move from sub-polar to polar regions
B Cold and fast-blowing winds in South Pole region
C Cold and fast-blowing winds from the polar region in northern hemisphere
D Winds blowing towards Kazakhstan in Central Asia

Answer: Option [C]
52 Density of the earth’s atmosphere is highest in the :
A Troposphere
B Stratosphere
C Mesosphere
D ionosphere

Answer: Option [A]
53 What is a ‘tornado’ ?
A A very high pressure centre
B A very low pressure centre
C A very high ocean wave
D A planetary wind

Answer: Option [B]
54 Typhoons are common in the :
A Arctic Occean
B Seas of China and Japan
C Mexican Gulf
D Indian Ocean

Answer: Option [B]
55 Frontal Rain is caused by
A Convection current
B Winds from sea
C Cyclonic activity
D Condensation of water evaporated from mountains

Answer: Option [C]


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