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General Awareness Questions and Answers on Climatology | Geography Questions GkSeries

61 Imaginary lines joining places with same temperture are called
A Isobare
B Isotherms
C Isohalines
D Isohyets

Answer: Option [B]
62 ‘Flash floods’ are associated with
A Thunderstorms
B Tsunami
C Cyclonic storms
D Tornado

Answer: Option [C]
63 Smog is a combination of :
A air and water vapour
B fire and water
C water and smoke
D smoke and fog

Answer: Option [D]
64 The climatic zones are classified on the basis of
A distance from the equator
B elevation
C rainfall
D distance from the sea

Answer: Option [C]
65 The layer of the atmosphere in which Radio Waves are reflected back is called
A Ionosphere
B Troposphere
C Stratosphere
D Exosphere

Answer: Option [A]


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