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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-10

46 The famous ‘Gir’ forests are located in
A Kerala
B Mysore
C Gujarat
D Kashmir

Answer: Option [C]
47 Which part of the Himalayas has the maximum stretch from East to West ?
A Nepal Himalayas
B Punjab Himalayas
C Assam Himalayas
D Kumaun Himalayas

Answer: Option [A]
48 Which of the following cities/towns lies to the northern most latitude ?
A Pachmarhi
B Patna
C Ahmedabad
D Allahabad

Answer: Option [B]
49 Which of the following Indian States is broadly as large as the european nation Austria ?
A West Bengal
B Kerala
C Karnataka
D Odisha

Answer: Option [A]
50 Duncan Passage is located between
A South and Little Andaman
B North and Middle Andaman
C North and South Andaman
D Andaman and Nicobar

Answer: Option [A]


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