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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-17

81 The Jawahar Tunnel the largest in India is located in
A West Bengal
B Himachal Pradesh
C Rajasthan
D Jammu & Kashmir

Answer: Option [D]
82 Singhbhum is famous for
A Coal
B Iron
C Copper
D aluminum

Answer: Option [B]
83 where is the integral Coach Factory situated ?
A Chittaranjan
B Calcutta
C Perambur
D Mumbai

Answer: Option [C]
84 Which is the smallest (in area) of the following Union Territories ?
A Daman and Diu
B Chandigarh
C Dadra and Nagar Haveli
D Lakshadweep

Answer: Option [D]
85 In which part of India, canal irrigation system is the most common ?
A Sikkim
B Uttar Pradesh
C Maharashtra
D Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option [B]


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