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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-19

91 The pilgrims of Kailash Mansarovar have to pass through which pass to enter into Tibet ?
A Lipu likh
B Nathu la
C khardungala
D Rohtang

Answer: Option [B]
92 where is India’s most prized tea grown ?
A Nilgiris
B Munnar
C Jorhat
D Darjeeling

Answer: Option [D]
93 Which of the following canals is located in West Bengal ?
A Eden Canal
B Sirhind canal
C Lower Ganga Canal
D Sarada Canal

Answer: Option [A]
94 West Bengal shares boundaries with how many countries ?
A One
B Two
C Three
D Four

Answer: Option [C]
95 Which one of the following is the wettest place in India ?
A Udhagamandalam
B Mahabaleshwar
C Mawsynram
D Cherrapunji

Answer: Option [C]


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