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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-21

101 Operation Flood is related to
A Flood Control
B Milk production
C Arrangement of drinking water
D None of these

Answer: Option [B]
102 One of the pairs not matched correctly is
A Shimla - Himachal Pradesh
B Drajeeling - West Bengal
C Dehradun - U.P.
D Panchmarhi - M.P.

Answer: Option [C]
103 In terms of area, India is the ________ largest country of the world.
A second
B fourth
C sixth
D seventh

Answer: Option [D]
104 Baltora glacier is located in
A Pamir plateau
B Shivalik
C Karakoram ranges
D Alps

Answer: Option [C]
105 The production of onion is the highest in
A Madhya Pradesh
B Andhra Pradesh
C Uttar Pradesh
D Maharashtra

Answer: Option [D]


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