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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-22

106 Which of the following is a river flowing from Central India and joining Yamuna/Ganga ?
A Betwa
B Kosi
C Gomti
D Ghagra

Answer: Option [A]
107 where was the first cotton mill in India established ?
A Ahmedabad
B Surat
C Coimbatore
D Mumbai

Answer: Option [D]
108 World’s maximum newsprint comes from-
A Monsoon forest
B Mangrove forest
C Deciduous forest
D Rainfed forest

Answer: Option [C]
109 The first shore-based, modern, integrated steel plant in India is in
A Mangalore
B Vishakhapatnam
C Haldia
D Salem

Answer: Option [B]
110 Which state has the largest proportion of its net irrigation area under well irrigation ?
A Gujarat
B Haryana
C Bihar
D West Bengal

Answer: Option [A]


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