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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-25

121 India has a coastline of
A 6000 kms
B 6500 kms
C 7500 kms
D 8400 kms

Answer: Option [C]
122 Which of the following is the largest parliamentary constituency in terms of area ?
A Ladakh (J & K)
B Uttaranchal East (Uttaranchal)
C Arunachal West (Arunachal Pradesh)
D Barma (Rajasthan)

Answer: Option [A]
123 Which state has the lowest area under forest ?
A Uttar Pradesh
B Punjab
C Gujarat
D Haryana

Answer: Option [B]
124 Which of the following states is called “Tiger State of India”?
A Assam
B Gujarat
C Himachal Pradesh
D Madhya Pradesh

Answer: Option [D]
125 The Indian Wild Ass (Ghor-Khur) is found in
A The Rann of Kutch
B Kaveri delta
C Sunderbans
D Assam forest

Answer: Option [A]


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