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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-30

146 Which dam of India is the highest ?
A Bhakra
B Rihand
C Tehri
D Mettur

Answer: Option [C]
147 Which one of the following rivers of Peninsular India does not join Arabian Sea ?
A Narmada
B Cauvery
C Tapti
D Periyar

Answer: Option [B]
148 Which of the following Indian States has broadly as large as the European nation Poland?
A Madhya Pradesh
B Maharashtra
C Bihar
D Odisha

Answer: Option [A]
149 India lies in the ...... hemisphere.
A northern and southern
B northern and western
C northern and eastern
D southern and eastern

Answer: Option [C]
150 Which from the following territories does not have a border with Arunachal Pradesh ?
A Manipur
B Bhutan
C Nagaland
D Assam

Answer: Option [A]


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