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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-34

166 On which river has the Hirakud Dam been built?
A Periyar
B Cauvery
C Godavari
D Mahanadi

Answer: Option [D]
167 Cultivation of wheat requires
A humid temperature and heavy rains
B moderate temperature and heavy rains
C moderate temperature and moderate rains
D humid temperature and moderate rains

Answer: Option [C]
168 Gujarat is the largest producer of salt in India because
A It has extensive dry coast
B It has extensive shallow seas
C Its coastal water are very saline
D Besides producing salt from saline water, it has reserves of rock salt

Answer: Option [A]
169 Which of the following does not have an influence over the climate on India ?
A Monsoons
B Nearness to equator
C Ocean currents
D Presence of Indian ocean

Answer: Option [C]
170 If the commodities manufactured is Surat are sold in Mumbai or Delhi, then it is
A International trade
B Internal trade
C Free trade
D Territorial trade

Answer: Option [B]


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