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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-36

176 Which one of the following is not a part along the western coast of India ?
A Tuticorin
B Kochi
C Nhava Sheva
D Marmagao

Answer: Option [A]
177 Green Revolution was most successful in
A Haryana
B UP and Maharashtra
C Punjab and Tamil Nadu
D Punjab, Haryana and UP

Answer: Option [D]
178 Rotation of crop means
A some crops are grown again and again
B two or more crops are grown simultaneously to increase productivity
C growing of different crops in succession to maintain soil fertility
D None of the above

Answer: Option [C]
179 Which of the following areas is noted for mangrove vegetation ?
A Carbet National Park of U.P.
B Sajnekhali forest of 24 Parganas.
C Lava forest of Kalimpong
D Dandakaranya forest of Orissa

Answer: Option [B]
180 Which State in India is the leading producer of Sulphur?
A Maharashtra
B Tamil Nadu
C Assam
D Punjab

Answer: Option [A]


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