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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-37

181 Which group of the industries maximize savings on transport costs by being located near the sources of materials ?
A Iron and steel, cement, silk
B Heavy machinery, cement, sugar
C Iron and steel, sugar, cotton textiles
D Iron and steel, aluminum, cement

Answer: Option [D]
182 In India, ‘Yellow Revolution’ is associated with
A production of tea
B production of oilseeds
C production of flower
D production of paddy

Answer: Option [B]
183 The only ape of India found in hill forest of Assam and Nagaland is
A Gorilla
B Chimpanzee
C Gibbon
D Orangutan

Answer: Option [C]
184 where is the Bandipur National Park
A Karnataka
B Assam
C Rajasthan
D Andhra Pradesh

Answer: Option [A]
185 where is the Headquarters of the Botanical Survey of India located ?
A Darjeeling
B Calcutta
C Oottaccamund
D Lucknow

Answer: Option [B]


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