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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-42

206 Mudumalai Wild-life Sanctuary is located in the state of
A Tamil Nadu
B Andhra Pradesh
C Kerala
D Karnataka

Answer: Option [A]
207 In India, population density is defined as the number of persons
A per square mile
B per square kilometer
C per lakh square mile
D per lakh square kilometer

Answer: Option [B]
208 Kaziranga National Park is famous for
A Lion
B Tiger
C Rhinoceros
D Crocodile

Answer: Option [C]
209 Which of the following rivers makes an estuary ?
A Mahanadi
B Narmada
C Krishna
D Godavari

Answer: Option [B]
210 Which highway sector is common to both the Golden Quadrilateral Highway and the North-South Corridor Highway ?
A Bangalore-Krishnagiri
B Delhi-Jaipur
C Coimbatore-Salem
D Agra-Jhansi

Answer: Option [A]


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