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Federal Finance System in India - General Awareness Questions with Answers

6 The distribution of the burden of paying a tax is called :
A Sharing of tax burden
B Shifting of the tax
C Incidence of a tax
D Tax capitalization

Answer: Option [C]
7 Grants from the Centre to the States under the recommendations of Finance Commission are known as :
A Plan grants
B Development assistance
C Statutory grants
D Discretionary grants

Answer: Option [C]
8 Funds not belonging to the Government are called :
A Contingency Fund
B Private Accounts
C Consolidated Fund
D Public Accounts

Answer: Option [B]
9 Which are the three inter-related activities involve in the process of Capital Formation ?
A Savings, Finance and Donation
B Savings, Loan and Investment
C Donation, Loan and Investment
D Savings, Finance and Investment

Answer: Option [D]
10 Which of the following is not an element of Financial Organisations ?
A Public ownership of Financial Institution
B Strengthening of Institutional Structure
C Establishment of more Microfinance Organizations
D Protection to Investors

Answer: Option [C]


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