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World Organisations Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 The headquarters of IMF and World Bank are located at :
A Geneva and Montreal
B Geneva and Vienna
C New York and Geneva
D Washington

Answer: Option [D]
2 Voting rights in the IMF are determined on the basis of :
A one country, one vote
B size of the economy
C proportion to contributions given by each country
D proportion to quota alloted to countries from time to time

Answer: Option [B]
3 “World development Report” is an annual publication of :
A World Bank
B International Bank of Reconstruction and Development
C World Trade Organisation
D International Monetary Fund

Answer: Option [A]
4 Which one of the following is not a member of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)?
A Algeria
B Brazil
C Ecuador
D Nigeria

Answer: Option [B]
5 Which of the following countries is not a member of SAARC ?
A Bhutan
B India
C Thailand
D Maldives

Answer: Option [C]
6 Which country is the largest debtor of UNO ?
A India
B China
C Japan

Answer: Option [D]
7 Special Drawing Rights is also known as :
A Gold
B Paper gold
C Paper silver
D None of these

Answer: Option [A]
8 G-77 summit is a forum for :
A North-South Cooperation
B East-West Cooperation
C South-South Cooperation
D North-North cooperation

Answer: Option [C]
9 The headquarters of World Trade Organisation is in :
A Montreal
B Seattle
C Geneva
D The Hague

Answer: Option [C]
10 The headquarters of OPEC is located at
A Vienna
B Kuwait City
C Algeria
D Tehran

Answer: Option [A]


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