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General Awareness Multiple Choice Questions & Answers on Indus Valley Civilization | Page-8

36 Consider the following person:
I. John Marshall
II. S.R. Rao
III. R.D. Benerjee
IV. Dayaram Sahni

Who among these were associated with the first excavations carried out Harappa and Mohenjodaro ?

A I, II and III
B II, III and IV
C I, III, and IV
D all of the above

Answer: Option [C]
37 Which of the following is incorrect concerning Mohenjodaro ?
A Buildings were of varying sizes
B It was a well planned city
C There was no drainage system
D Bathrooms were important features of most houses

Answer: Option [C]
38 The Harappan site showing evidence of two cultural phases, Harappan and pre-Harappan, is :
A Chanhu-daro
B kalibangan
C Banwall
D Mohenjodaro

Answer: Option [B]
39 Knowledge about the existence of which of the following animals is doubtful in the Indus Valley Civilization ?
A Cat
B Dog
C Horse
D Bull

Answer: Option [A]
40 Which of the following Harappan sites had a dock ?
A Mohenjodaro
B Harappa
C Alamgirpur
D Lothal

Answer: Option [D]


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