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Mughal Empire - General Knowledge Questions & Answers for Competitive Exam | Page-33

161 Who among the following Mughal rulers banned music and dancing ?
A Humayun
B Aurangzeb
C Babar
D Jahangir

Answer: Option [B]
162 Who among the following was regarded as ‘Zinda pir’ ?
A Aurangzeb
B Shahjahan
C Jahangir
D Akbar

Answer: Option [A]
163 After the death of Rajaram in 1700 A.D., Mughals under his brave wife ?
A Lakshmibai
B Ramabai
C Tarabai
D Jijabai

Answer: Option [C]
164 The Maratha Chief, Sambhaji was executed during the reign of:
A Jahangir
B Shah Jahan
C Mahabat Khan
D Aurangzeb

Answer: Option [D]
165 The Sikh Guru who was killed by the orders of Aurangzeb was:
A Guru Arjun Dev
B mansabdari system
C Guru Gobind Singh
D Guru Teg Bahadur

Answer: Option [D]


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