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GK Multiple Choice Questions on Indian History | Page-11

51 In which one of the following cities is the Lingaraja Temple located ?
A Kolkata
B Bijapur
C Bhubaneswar
D Shravananbelagola

Answer: Option [C]
52 The concept of Eight fold path forms the theme of:
A Divyavadana
B Dipavamsa
C Mahaparinibban
D Dharma Chakara Pravartana Sutta

Answer: Option [B]
53 Milindapanho is in the form of a dialogue between the king Menander and Buddhist monk:
A Kumarilabhatta
B Nagabhatta
C Nagarjuna
D Nagasena

Answer: Option [D]
54 According to ancient Indian cosmogonic ideas the sequential order of the cycle of four acons (yugas) is:
A Krita, Treta, Dvapara and Kali
B Dvapara, Krita, Treta and Kali
C Treta, Dvapara, Kali and Krita
D Krita, Dvapara, Treta and Kali

Answer: Option [A]
55 Who among the following was a Brahmavadini who composed some hymns of the Vedas ?
A Gargi
B Savitri
C Lopamudra
D Leelavati

Answer: Option [C]


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