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Constitutional Development of India - Indian Polity Objective Questions and Answers | Page-14

131 Civil equality implies
A equality before law
B equality of opportunity
C equal distribution of wealth
D equal right to participate in the affairs of the state

Answer: Option [B]
132 During emergency, imposed under art. 352 which of the following constitutional provisions stands suspended ?
A Judicial review
B Amendment procedures
C Fundamental right
D Directive principle of state policy

Answer: Option [C]
133 Where is the constitutional power located enabling the central government to legislate on cow slaughter ?
A Emergency power
B Residuary powers under Art 248
C Entry 17, list 3 in schedule 7 prevention of cruelty to Animals
D Art 48 in the directive principles

Answer: Option [D]
134 What is the playing time of the full version of the Indian National Anthem ?
A 52 seconds
B 50 seconds
C 47 seconds
D 40 seconds

Answer: Option [A]
135 What constitutional provision enables the central government to provide reservations in jobs and educational institution for the weaker sections of the society ?
A Article 14
B Article 16
C Article 19
D Article 46

Answer: Option [B]
136 Article 370 of the constitution is applicable to the state of:
A Manipur
B Mizoram
C Nagaland
D Jammu and Kashmir

Answer: Option [D]
137 What provision in the constitution enabled the central government to impose the service tax and to expand its span ?
A List 1, Schedule 7
B List 3, Schedule 7
C Residuary powers under Article 248
D Emergency powers

Answer: Option [C]
138 Which of the following sets of Article deals with emergency provision ?
A Article 32 and 226
B Article 350 and 351
C Articles 335, 336 and 337
D Article 352,356 and 336

Answer: Option [D]
139 Which one of the following is a political right ?
A Right to contest elections
B Right equality before law
C Right to freedom
D Right to life

Answer: Option [A]
140 Article 14 of the Indian constitutions guarantees Indian citizens:
A Equality before law
B Equal protection of laws
C Equal distribution of economic resources
D Equality before law and equal protection of the laws

Answer: Option [D]

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