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Constitutional Development of India - Indian Polity Objective Questions and Answers | Page-21

201 ____ are essential for liberty.
A Restrictions
B Rights
C Privileges
D Laws

Answer: Option [B]
202 Which is the most important system in Democracy ?
A Political
B Social
C Economic
D Governmental

Answer: Option [A]
203 Which Article of the Indian Constitution did Dr. B.R. Ambedkar term as the “Heart and Soul of the Indian Constitution” ?
A Article 14
B Article 19
C Article 356
D Article 32

Answer: Option [D]
204 Under which Article of the Constitution of India, can the fundamental rights of the members of the Armed Forces be specifically restricted ?
A Article 33
B Article 19
C Article 21
D Article 25

Answer: Option [A]
205 Which one of the following languages is not specified in the Eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution ?
A Urdu
B English
C Sindhi
D Sanskrit

Answer: Option [B]
206 Which Article of the Indian Constitution provides for equal opportunities for all citizen in Public employment ?
A Article 25
B Article 22
C Article 20
D Article 16

Answer: Option [D]
207 Which one of the following is opposite to democratic state ?
A Despotism
B Republic
C Socialism
D Monarchy

Answer: Option [A]
208 The concept of Concurrent List in Indian constitution is borrowed from Constitution of
A Japan
B Canada
C Australia
D U.S.A.

Answer: Option [C]
209 Under which Article of the Constitution can an individual move to the Supreme Court directly in case of any violation of Fundamental Rights ?
A Article 32
B Article 28
C Article 29
D Article 31

Answer: Option [A]
210 To which category right to vote belongs ?
A Human Rights
B Civil Rights
C Natural Rights
D Political Rights

Answer: Option [D]

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