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Constitutional Development of India - Indian Polity Objective Questions and Answers | Page-24

231 The state Election Commission conducts, controls and supervises Municipal elections under
A Article 240(1)
B Article 241 (2)
C Article 243 (K)
D Article 245 (D)

Answer: Option [C]
232 Which of the following judgments stated that ‘Secularism’ and ‘Federalism’ are the basic features of the Indian Constitution ?
A Keshavananda Bharati case
B S.R. Bommai case
C Indira Sawhney case
D Minerva Mills case

Answer: Option [B]
233 Which one of the Constitutional amendment has established Panchayati Raj Institution ?
A 72nd Amendment act
B 71st Amendment act
C 73rd Amendment act
D 78th Amendment act

Answer: Option [C]
234 The Election Commission is established under the Article
A Article 355
B Article 320
C Article 256
D Article 324

Answer: Option [D]
235 Which of the following is a bulwark of personal freedom ?
A Mandamus
B Habeas corpus
C Quo – Warrantor
D Certiorari

Answer: Option [B]

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