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Sports GK Quiz Questions and Answers Kabaddi Game

1 The ace player Rakesh Kumar, who emerged as the top money earner in a recent auction for a league, is associated with which of the following games?
A Kho-kho
B Kabaddi
C Hockey
D Badminton

Answer: Option [B]
2 Name the nation that won 2014 Kabaddi World Cup Men's title.
A India
B Pakistan
C Japan
D Bangladesh

Answer: Option [A]
3 Which country was the winner of Asian Kabaddi Championship-2014?
A Pakistan
B India
C Thailand
D Bangladesh

Answer: Option [B]
4 Which country won the first ever Women's Kabaddi World Cup Championship title in 2012?
A Canada
B Pakistan
C India
D Japan

Answer: Option [C]
5 How many nations participated in the 2014 Kabaddi World Cup championships?
A 11
B 12
C 13
D 14

Answer: Option [A]


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