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General Science GK Questions and Answers for Union Public Service Commission Exams

76 Twinkling of stars is due to :
A Due to diffraction
B Reflection of light from the moon
C Difference of temperature between various layers of air of varying density
D None of the above

Answer: Option [C]
77 Laws of genetics were established by :
A Gregor Mendel
B De Vries
C Charles darwin
D Thomas Morgan

Answer: Option [A]
78 Dengue fever is caused by :
A Protozoa
B Bacteria
C Algae
D Virus

Answer: Option [D]
79 Tetanus is caused by bacillus and affects:
A Human Brain
B Nervous system
C Skin
D None of them

Answer: Option [B]
80 The same side of the moon always faces the earth because:
A Earth moves with same speed
B Moon cannot change its position
C Moon & Earth have gravitation force
D The period of rotation of moon is nearly equal to the period of rotation of earth

Answer: Option [D]


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