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General Science Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for UPSC Competitive Exams

91 Each night the moon rises :
A A little later
B A little earlier
C In the west
D About the same time

Answer: Option [A]
92 Polio is a disease of the nervous system and is caused by:
A Malnutrition
B Virus
C Germ
D Non-nutrition

Answer: Option [B]
93 Grass appears green because:
A It reflects green colour
B It reflects white colour
C It is by nature green
D It absorbs green colour

Answer: Option [A]
94 Heavy water is qualified as heavy because it:
A has a heavier isotope of oxygen
B has a heavy or bad taste
C is an oxide of bad taste
D is denser than common water

Answer: Option [C]
95 Which of the following statements is incorrect ?
A Milk contains lactose
B Milk contains proteins
C Milk is essential for habies
D Milk is a rich source of Iron

Answer: Option [D]


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