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General Science MCQs and Answers for Competitive Exams

6 Intelligent behaviour directly depends upon:
A Memory
B Instincts
C Innate behaviour
D Reflex

Answer: Option [A]
7 Which group is not concerned with the solar system?
A Nebulae
B Asteroids
C Nervous system
D Planets

Answer: Option [C]
8 A person standing infront of a mirror finds his image larger than himself. This implies that the mirror is:
A Concave
B Plane
C Convex
D Cylindrical with bulging side outwards

Answer: Option [A]
9 Which of the following substances or chemicals is obtaind from plants?
A Insulin
B Qunine
C Chloromycetin
D Aspirin

Answer: Option [B]
10 Which instrument is used to measure electric current?
A Electrometer
B Rheostate
C Volmeter
D Ammeter

Answer: Option [D]


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