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SSC Quiz on General Science | GkSeries Solved MCQs

101 The harmful substance present in tobacco is :
A Smoke
B Morphine
C Enzyme
D Nicotine

Answer: Option [D]
102 Stem of the plant helps in distributing food to all the parts of plants. It also helps in:
A Storing food
B Shaping plant
C Respiration
D Throwing outside

Answer: Option [A]
103 How does a Thermos keep the liquid hot a long time ?
A Because the shining inner walls and double walls of the outer covering do not allow heat to escape
B Because it is packed with gases which release heat
C Because it has internal heating arrangement
D None of the above

Answer: Option [A]
104 Which of the following gases do not form part of the atmosphere ?
A Nitrogen
B Chlorine
C Oxygen
D Carbon-dioxide

Answer: Option [B]
105 Why does the ink from a fountain pen spill out when it is carried in an aeroplane ?
A Due the low gravitational pull
B Due the high speed of the aeroplane
C On account of the height at which the aeroplane flies
D Due the low pressure in the aeroplane

Answer: Option [D]


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