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General Science Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Job Exam Preparations

111 A Nuclear reacter uses as fuel :
A Graphite
B Cadmium
C Uranium
D Heavy Water

Answer: Option [C]
112 Who invented Dynamite ?
A Alfred Nobel
B Blaise Pascal
C Michael Faraday
D Thomas Alva Edison

Answer: Option [A]
113 Which vitamin is produced in the body by ultraviolet rays ?
A Vitamin D
B Vitamin E
C Vitamin K
D Vitamin A

Answer: Option [A]
114 The sum total of all chemical processes in the body is called:
A Respiration
B Photosynthesis
C Metabolism
D Symbiosis

Answer: Option [C]
115 What is Histology ?
A It is the sun cure
B The study of periodicity phenomena of plants
C A branch of Biology dealing with the study of tissues
D The treatment of desease by the internal and external use of water

Answer: Option [C]


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