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General Science GK Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams Preparations

116 With which disease are the effects of niacin deficiency often associated ?
A Pellagra
B Ricketts
C Scurvy
D Night blindness

Answer: Option [A]
117 A fisherman on the bank of a lake is attempting to spear a fish. He should :
A Aim directly at the fish
B Aim below the fish
C Aim above where he sees the fish
D Aim at the point on the right side where he sees the fish

Answer: Option [B]
118 The soil good for cultivation of cotton is :
A River side soil
B Sandy soil
C Red soil
D Black soil

Answer: Option [D]
119 What is the instrument for measuring atmosphric humidity ?
A Hydrometer
B Hygrometer
C Telemeter
D Monometer

Answer: Option [B]
120 The age of the most ancient geological formations is estimated by:
A Radium-Silicon method
B Uranium-Lead method
C Carbon-14 dating method
D Potassium-Argon method

Answer: Option [C]


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