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SSC UPSC RRB Railway Exam Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | GkSeries Solved MCQs

136 Name the vitamin which causes the clotting of the blood :
A Vitamin E
B Vitamin K
C Vitamin C
D Vitamin A

Answer: Option [B]
137 The organic nutrient with the highest calorific value is
A Protein
B Fat
C Starch
D Sugar

Answer: Option [B]
138 A clear sky is blue because:
A Blue light has been absored
B Red light is scattered more than blue
C Red light is absored & blue scattered
D Blue light is scattered more than red

Answer: Option [D]
139 Excitement in human body is caused by :
A Adrenal gland
B Salivary gland
C Thyroid gland
D Pituitary gland

Answer: Option [A]
140 Hydrophobia is caused by :
A Loss of Water
B Mental Tension
C Bacteria
D Rabies Virus

Answer: Option [D]


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