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General Science Objective Type Questions and Answers for Exams

11 Electric transformers are used to :
A Filter current
B Regulate current
C Serve as fuse
D Change voltage

Answer: Option [D]
12 Water passes from the soil into the root hair by a physical process called :
A Osmosis
B Diffusion
C Transpiration
D Absorption

Answer: Option [A]
13 Evaporation of water is:
A A process accompained by a chemical reaction
B An endothermic Change
C An exothermic change
D An process in which no heat exchange reaction

Answer: Option [B]
14 A North-West wind would be from a compass direction of:
A 45o
B 135o
C 225o
D 315o

Answer: Option [D]
15 Myopia is a defect of vision caused by eye-ball becoming larger so man cannot see:
A Distant objects
B Very close objects
C Nearer objects
D Anything

Answer: Option [A]


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