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Competitive Exam Questions and Answers on General Science | GkSeries MCQs

146 A detergent is a :
A Soap
B Drug
C Catalyst
D Cleaning agent

Answer: Option [D]
147 Which part of the plant is used in the preparation of coffee drink ?
A Seed
B Fruit
C Stem
D Leaf

Answer: Option [A]
148 If the velocity of a body is halved, its kinetic energy will
A Become one fourth
B Remain unchanged
C Become half
D Become double

Answer: Option [A]
149 The normal temperature of a pertion is:
A 97.4o F
B 98.4o F
C 99o F
D None of them

Answer: Option [A]
150 The Cancer like disorder of unchecked multiplication of blood cells is termed :
A Arganulocytosis
B Anaemia
C Leukaemia
D Leukopenia

Answer: Option [C]


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