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General Science Multiple Choice Questions with Answers | GkSeries

16 Of the following, the poorest heat insulator is:
A Air
B Glass
C Aluminium
D Rock

Answer: Option [C]
17 How dose the Sodawater go up in straw?
A By pushing cork of bottle
B By sucking Soda water sucked inside
C Carbon-di-oxide in Soda water pushes in the liquid
D The air is sucked out and the atmospheric pressure pushes in the liquid

Answer: Option [D]
18 Insulin controls the metabolism of :
A Fats
B Hormones
C Carbohydrates
D Proteins

Answer: Option [C]
19 In the transfusion, the blood must be compatible not only in blood type but also in:
A RH Factor
B Number of the white cells
C Number of red cells
D Race of donor and recipient

Answer: Option [A]
20 Which of the following allow the electric current to pass through it :
A Glasses
B Graphite
C Rubber
D P. V. C.

Answer: Option [B]


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