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41 Natural Gas is:
A The most plentiful gas
B Carried by pipe
C A mexture of Methane and Ethane
D A source of Chemicals in Industry

Answer: Option [C]
42 The greatest number of stars exists in:
A A Galaxy
B Star Cluster
C The Soler System
D Comet

Answer: Option [A]
43 A re-usable space rocket is called :
A Apollo
B Satellite
C Space shuttle
D Skylab

Answer: Option [C]
44 Which of the following diseases is caused by Virus?
A Typhoid
B Malaria
C Diabetes
D Flu

Answer: Option [D]
45 Although some dogs seem to act intelligently, their responses do not appear to involve:
A Reflex
B Instincts
C Thought
D Consciousness

Answer: Option [C]


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