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Assam Public Service Commission(APSC) Prelims Anthropology Optional Paper | Syllabus


I. Physical Anthropology:

(a) Basic concepts: Mammal, Primate, Modern apes, Human evolution, Genetics, Heredity, Race.

(b) Man’s place in the animal kingdom, Human skeleton, Fossil evidence of human evolution, Racial criteria, Major races, Racial classification, Racial elements in India.

II. Prehistory :

(a) Basic concepts: Artifact, Industry, Culture, Civilization.

(b) Plaistocene environment: Ice Age, Tool families Method of tool making, Palaeolithic, Masolithic and Neolithic culture, Metal Age culture.



III. Social and Cultural Anthropology:

(a) Basic concepts: Society, Culture, Marriage, Family, Lineage, Clean, Kinship, Tribe, Caste, Subsistence economy, Magic, Religion, Culture Change acculturation, Evolution and Diffusion.

(b) Characteristic features of folk / primitive society: Forms and regulation of marriage, Types and functions of family, Food collection, Pastoralism and agriculture, Divination spell and prayer, Anisism and animatism, Totemism, Taboo.

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