Geography of Assam MCQs | Assam Geography General Knowledge(GK) Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) and Answers

1 Assam has common boundary with _______Indian states.
A 2
B 5
C 6
D 7

Answer: 7
2 Which is the following route is the National Waterway-2?
A Barak river from Lakhipur-Bhanga
B River ganga from haldia to Allahabad
C River Brahmaputra from Dhubri to Sadiya
D None of These

Answer: River Brahmaputra from Dhubri to Sadiya
3 Which of the following is a headstream of Brahmaputra river?
A Dikhou
B Kameng
C Dihang
D Dishang

Answer: Dihang
4 In which year Crude Oil was drilled in Assam for the first time?
A 1889
B 1899
C 1999
D None of the above

Answer: 1889
5 Oak Tasar a wild silkworm is found in which of the following district in Assam?
A Dima Hasao
B Kokrajhar
C Barpeta
D Sonitpur

Answer: Dima Hasao
6 The origin of Barak river lies in
A Barail Range
B Karbi Plateau
C Jaintia Hills
D Lushai Hills

Answer: Barail Range
7 Which of the following tree is predominant in the forests of Assam ?
A Bamboo
B Sal
C Hollong
D Teak

Answer: Sal
8 Assam’s proposed Chai-bagaan Time will have reference longitude of
A 82 degree E
B 85 degree E
C 95 degree E
D 90 degrees E

Answer: 90 degrees E
9 Which two places have been connected by Bhupen Hazarika Bridge?
A Sadiya–Bukaghat
B Sadiya–Krisnapur
C Dhola–Sadiya
D None of the Above

Answer: Dhola–Sadiya
10 The Gai, a tributary to Brahmaputra is situated between
A Bharali and Bornadi
B Subansiri and Bharali
C Dihang and Subansiri
D Dibang and Dihang

Answer: Dihang and Subansiri
11 Purnima Devi Barman from Assam is well known for the conservation effort of which of the following species?
A Pygmy Hog
B Golden Langur
C Greater Adjutant Stork
D One Horned Rhino

Answer: Greater Adjutant Stork
12 The proposed Tipaimukh Dam is to be constructed over which river?
A Barak River
B Surma River
C Dibang River
D Brahmaputra River

Answer:Barak River
13 Tea auction center was established in _______.
A 1960
B 1970
C 1980
D 1990

Answer: 1970
14 The ____ Assam districts are major reserves of oil and gas.
A Uower
B Middle
C Upper
D None of these

Answer: Upper
15 Which schedule of Indian constitution deals with administration of tribal areas in Assam?
A Fourth
B Fifth
C Sixth
D Seventh

Answer: Sixth
16 Which of the following districts of Assam has the highest sex ratio?
A Jorhat
B Majuli
C Barpeta
D Baksa

Answer: Baksa
17 Which of the following is the highest hill range in Assam?
A Karbi Hills
B Jaintia Hills
C Barail Hills
D Patkai Hills

Answer: Barail Hills
18 The total number of ramsar sites in Assam is
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4

Answer: 1
19 Assam share international border with which of the following countries
A Myanmar and Bangladesh
B Bhutan and Bangladesh
C China, Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh
D Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh

Answer: Bhutan and Bangladesh
20 Which of the following river is known as Kameng in Arunachal Pradesh?
A Jia Dhal
B Subansiri
C Jaji
D Jia Bharali

Answer: Jia Bharali

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