Commerce Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Commerce Quiz Set 12

1 India suffered from deficit balance both in trade balance and net invisibles, hence, took up a number of steps to manage this problem. Which one is not appropriate for this ?
1 Export control
2 Current Account Convertibility
3 Liberalised Export Policy
4 Unified Exchange Rate

Answer: Export control
2 The value of free accommodation in Delhi provided by employer in the private sector is
1 10% of salary
2 20% of salary
3 15% of salary
4 25% of salary

Answer: 15% of salary
3 Under the Income Tax Act, 1961 unabsorbed depreciation can be carried forward for set-off purpose
1 For 4 years
2 For 5 years
3 For 8 years
4 For unspecified period

Answer: For unspecified period
4 Which of the following denote the structural changes in Indian economy ?
1 Primary sector contribution has gone down
2 Service sector contribution has gone up.
3 Secondary sector has not changed much
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
5 Broad Money has to be sensitized through :
3 Repo Rate
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
6 Which one is not an element of legal environment ?
1 Act of Parliamentarians in Lok Sabha
2 Indian Contract Act, 1872
3 Indian Partnership Act, 1932
4 Negotiable instruments Act, 1881

Answer: Act of Parliamentarians in Lok Sabha
7 Conversion cost is the sum of
1 Indirect wages and factory overhead
2 Direct material cost and indirect wages
3 Direct wages, direct expenses and factory overhead
4 Prime cost and selling & distribution overhead

Answer: Direct wages, direct expenses and factory overhead
8 Normally Demand curve slopes
1 Upward
2 Downward
3 Horizontal
4 Vertical

Answer: Downward
9 According to Kieth Devis, which one is not a barrier of communication ?
1 Physical Barriers
2 Technological Barriers
3 Personal Barriers
4 Linguistic Barriers

Answer: Technological Barriers
10 While establishing relation between Maslow’s and Herzberg’s theories, which Needs of Hierachy Theory will fall under the Hygiene Factors ?
1 Self actualisation, esteem and social needs
2 Esteem, social and safety needs
3 Social, safety and physiological needs
4 Only social needs

Answer: Social, safety and physiological needs
11 All the activities involved in selling goods or services directly to final consumers for personal non-business uses are done by
1 Wholesalers
2 Retailers
3 Mediators
4 Commission Agents

Answer: Retailers
12 To manage a business well is to manage its future and to manage the future is to manage information is termed as
1 Marketing information system
2 Management information system
3 Future information system
4 General information system

Answer: Management information system
13 DAGMAR approach in marketing is used to measure
1 Public relations
2 Advertising results
3 Selling volume
4 Consumer satisfaction

Answer: Consumer satisfaction
14 Which one is not an important objective of Financial Management ?
1 Profit Maximisation
2 Wealth Maximisation
3 Value Maximisation
4 Maximisation of social benefits

Answer: Maximisation of social benefits
15 Which one refers to cash inflow under payback period method ?
1 Cash flow before depreciation and taxes
2 Cash flow after depreciation and taxes
3 Cash flow after depreciation but before taxes
4 Cash flow before depreciation and after taxes

Answer: Cash flow after depreciation and taxes

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