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Commerce Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Commerce Quiz Set 13

1 The concept of present value is based on the
1 Principle of compounding
2 Principle of discounting
3 (A) and (B)
4 None of the above

Answer: Principle of discounting
2 Cost of capital from all the sources of funds is called
1 Specific cost
2 Composite cost
3 Implicit cost
4 Simple Average cost

Answer: Specific cost
3 On which of the following, at the initial stage, the Indian IT companies relying more for getting good IT professionals ?
1 Job Portals
2 Placement Agencies
3 Campus Placement
4 All of the above

Answer: Campus Placement
4 In India, the Commercial Banks are given license of operation by
1 The Government of India
2 The Ministry of Finance
3 Reserve Bank of India
4 Banking Companies Regulation Act, 1949

Answer: Reserve Bank of India
5 Imperial Bank was established on January 27, 1921 on the advise of
1 J. M. Keynes
2 Lord Illingworth
3 King George V
4 Winston Churchill

Answer: J. M. Keynes
6 The provisions of General Reserve in Banking Companies are made keeping in view the provisions of
1 Indian Companies Act, 1956
2 Banking Companies Act, 1949
3 SEBI Act, 1992
4 Statutory Auditor

Answer: Banking Companies Act, 1949
7 EPCG denotes
1 Export Potential and Credit Guarantee
2 Earning Promotion and Credit Guarantee
3 Export Promotion and Credit Guarantee
4 Export Potential and Credit Goods

Answer: Export Promotion and Credit Guarantee
8 Which one is not an objective of IMF ?
1 To promote international monetary co-operation
2 To ensure balanced international trade
3 To finance productive efforts according to peace-time requirement
4 To ensure exchange rate stability

Answer: To finance productive efforts according to peace-time requirement
9 Which one is not an international organisation ?

Answer: CBDT
10 Which of the following sector is not open for 100% foreign direct investment ?
1 Oil refining
2 Airport development
3 Power plants
4 Coal

Answer: Coal
11 Which of the following statements is true ?
1 Rate of return on capital is Acid Test Ratio.
2 Equity capital to fixed interest- bearing securities is a turnover ratio.
3 Capital gearing is the ratio of equity capital to fixed-interest bearing securities.
4 Input and output ratio is a measure of profitability

Answer: Capital gearing is the ratio of equity capital to fixed-interest bearing securities.
12 If sales of a firms are ` 74 lakh; variable costs ` 40 lakh; fixed costs ` 8 lakh, then operating leverage of the firm will be
1 1.87
2 2.51
3 1.31
4 3.27

Answer: 1.31
13 Which one of the following is not the probability based sampling technique ?
1 Cluster sampling
2 Stratified sampling
3 Snow-ball samplingSnow-ball sampling
4 Multi-stage sampling

Answer: Snow-ball sampling
14 The tendency to perceive another person as belonging to a single class or category is known as
1 Stereotyping
2 Halo effect
3 Assimilation
4 Attribution

Answer: Stereotyping
15 Which of the following is not a feature of Weber’s ‘Bureaucracy’ ?
1 Hierarchy
2 Official rules
3 Division of work
4 Personal relationships

Answer: Personal relationships

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