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Commerce Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Commerce Quiz Set 14

1 Which one of the following denotes performance quality of a product ?
1 Level at which the product’s primary characteristics operate.
2 Degree to which all produced units of product are identical and meet promised specifications
3 Product’s expected operating life under natural conditions
4 Probability that the product will not fail within a specified time period

Answer: Level at which the product’s primary characteristics operate.
2 PBT of a firm has increased by 40 percent as a result of 10 percent increase in sales, operating leverage of the firm is 2. What will be financial leverage of the firm ?
1 4
2 20
3 2
4 1

Answer: 20
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3 Under the Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act, 2010, the total number of members of the Grievance Redressal Committee shall not exceed
1 Four
2 Ten
3 Six
4 Twelve

Answer: Six
4 If you need to transfer money to another person through internet, which of the following method you could use ?
1 Financial cybermediary
2 Electronic cheque
3 Electronic bill presentation and payment
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
5 Rematerialisation of securities is meant by
1 Repossession of securities
2 Repurchase of securities
3 Restoring the lost right
4 Reholding in Physical form

Answer: Reholding in Physical form
6 Risk with reference to investment is meant by
1 Excess of possible return over expected return
2 Reverse variability of possible return to expected return
3 Excess of inflation rate over possible return
4 Incapability to earn market rate of return

Answer: Reverse variability of possible return to expected return
7 A conflict between Dominos Pizza and its franchises is to be referred to as
1 Vertical conflict
2 Lateral conflict
3 Bi-lateral conflict
4 Horizontal conflict

Answer: Horizontal conflict
8 Which form of e-market place brings together buyers and sellers from the same industry ?
1 Horizontal
2 Integrated
3 Vertical
4 Inclined

Answer: Vertical
9 Which of the following is the ongoing process of systematically identifying, assessing and developing organisational leadership to enhance performance ?
1 Executive Planning
2 Role Planning
3 Replacement Planning
4 Succession Planning

Answer: Succession Planning
10 Under the Factories Act, 1948, a ‘Young Person’ means the person who has not completed the
1 Fourteenth year of age
2 Fifteenth year of age
3 Eighteenth year of age
4 Twenty first year of age

Answer: Eighteenth year of age
11 Under which of the following gain sharing plans the employer divides the value added for the period by total payroll expenses ?
1 Scanlon Plan
2 Improshare Plan
3 Scalar Plan
4 Rucker Plan

Answer: Rucker Plan
12 When in any year the allocable surplus exceeds the amount of minimum bonus payable to the employees, the maximum bonus payable by employer is
1 8.33 percent
2 10 percent
3 20 percent
4 25 percent

Answer: 20 percent
13 Who among the following propounded that the fixation of wages depends on the bargaining power of workers/trade unions and employers ?
1 David Recardo
2 J.B. Say
3 Karl Marx
4 John Davidson

14 Which of the following is the situation in collective bargaining when the parties are not able to move further towards settlement because one party is demanding more than the other party offers ?
1 Impasse
2 Arena
3 Unmoving
4 Rigid

Answer: Impasse
15 Which among the following is not a member country of NAFTA ?
1 U.S.A.
2 Mexico
3 Panama
4 Canada

Answer: Panama

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