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Commerce Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Commerce Quiz Set 17

1 Which of the following is related to the practical means of determining a moral course of action ?
1 Meta ethics
2 Virtue ethics
3 Applied ethics
4 Normative ethics

Answer: Normative ethics
2 Which of the following marketing strategies is/are not used in ‘growth stage’ of the product life cycle ?
1 Improving quality and adding new features
2 Adding new models of product
3 Entering new market segments.
4 Using awareness and trial communications

Answer: Using awareness and trial communications
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3 Which of the following is not a determinant of service quality ?
1 Reliability
2 Responsiveness
3 Assurance
4 Sensitivity

Answer: Sensitivity
4 Sales of a firm are ` 74 lakh, variable costs ` 40 lakh, fixed costs ` 8 lakh. Operating leverage of the firm will be
1 1.48
2 1.78
3 2.42
4 1.31

Answer: 1.31
5 A training technique in which trainees are first shown good management techniques in a film, are asked to play roles in a simulated situation, and are then given feedback and praise by their supervisor is known as.
1 Behaviour modelling
2 Role playing
3 In-house development center
4 Management game

Answer: Behaviour modelling
6 Which one of the following development financial institutions in India has started the special refinance scheme for the resettlement and rehabilitation of voluntary retired workers of the National Textile Corporation of India ?
4 None of the above

Answer: IDBI
7 Which of the following approaches is adopted for the valuation of human resource according to economic concept ?
1 Replacement cost approach
2 Opportunity cost approach
3 Historical cost approach
4 None of the above

Answer: Opportunity cost approach
8 Accounting Standard-6 is meant for
1 Accounting for Fixed Assets
2 Accounting treatment for goodwill
3 Disclosure of Accounting policies
4 Depreciation Accounting

Answer: Depreciation Accounting
9 Which of the following requires consumers to interpret ambiguous stimuli ?
1 Focus group method
2 Rejective techniques
3 Semantic differential scales
4 Projective techniques

Answer: Projective techniques
10 Which of the following passes through the four stages of distinctiveness, emulation, mass fashion and decline ?
1 Style
2 Fad
3 Style and Fashion
4 Fashion

Answer: Fashion
11 Which of the following positioning strategies is adopted by marketers to position their product in two categories simultaneously ?
1 Point of Difference
2 Point of Parity
3 Emotional Positioning
4 Straddle Positioning

Answer: Straddle Positioning
12 Name the process in which a buyer posts its interest in buying a certain quantity of item and sellers compete for the business by submitting lower bid until there is only one seller left.
1 Internet
2 Reverse auction
3 B2B market place
4 B2C market place

Answer: Reverse auction
13 Advertising method in which an advertisement is broadcasted simultaneously on several radio stations and / or television channels is known as
1 Black-out
2 Consolidation
3 Road-block
4 Cornering

Answer: Road-block
14 Which of the following is the mental condition or attitude of individuals and groups which determines their willingness to cooperate ?
1 Motivation
2 Excitement
3 Delight
4 Morale

Answer: Morale
15 Which of the following is not provided under the Factories Act, 1948 ?
1 The certificate of fitness is granted by a certifying surgeon on the application of any young person or a parent or a guardian.
2 An adolescent who has not been granted a certificate of fitness shall be deemed to be a child for the purpose of the act.
3 The certificate of fitness granted or renewed remains valid for a period of six months from the date of issue.
4 Any fee payable for the certificate of fitness shall be paid by occupier and not by the young person or his parent or guardian.

Answer: The certificate of fitness granted or renewed remains valid for a period of six months from the date of issue.

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