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‘FarmersFZ’ chosen by UN for food startup ‘Accelerator Programme’

‘FarmersFZ’ chosen by UN for food startup ‘Accelerator Programme’

‘FarmersFZ’ chosen by UN for food startup ‘Accelerator Programme’

‘FarmersFZ’ chosen by UN for food startup ‘Accelerator Programme’

Farmers Fresh Zone (FarmersFZ), a Kerala-based company, has been chosen for the United Nations' 'Accelerator Programme' hosted by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), making the country proud.

‘FarmersFZ’ chosen by UN for food startup ‘Accelerator Programme’: Key Points

● FarmersFZ is one of 12 agri-food startups picked by the United Nations to help them grow their businesses.

● The multichannel marketplace platform, located in Kochi, functions beneath the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) and aims to finally accomplish the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

● The CEO of the agritech direct-to-consumer (D2C) firm, Pradeep P.S., will attend the UN gathering in Rome next month.

● He stated that the UN programme would allow FarmersFZ to present its model to nations throughout continents.



About FarmersFZ:

While working at a company in New York, the CEO of a Kerala startup constructed and launched FarmersFZ’s website. After successfully convincing approximately 52 individuals to purchase from the startup within eight months, he returned to his hometown and ensured eight farmers that they would be paid a fair price for their crop.

The farmers grew a variety of crops such as ladies’ finger, yam, and snake gourd. In 2016, the CEO, Pradeep, resigned from his job and devoted his attention solely to FarmersFZ. In a short three months, the startup profited, as Pradeep recounted.

According to the report, the startup secured funding worth Rs 2.5 crore from the Indian Angel Network, Malabar Angels, and Nativelead Foundation in 2018. Nagaraja Prakasam, PK Gopalakrishnan, Malabar Angels, and Native Lead led the investment round.

Furthermore, being selected as one of only 12 startups globally for the UN accelerator programme marks another significant milestone in the startup’s ongoing growth and success. FarmersFZ unites over 300,000 consumers with 2,000 farmers in Kerala, bridging the gap between rural farmers and urban customers by bringing fresh, pesticide-free vegetables from the fields to the table within 24 hours of harvest.

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