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UP Government Launched Nand Baba Milk Mission Scheme

UP Government Launched Nand Baba Milk Mission Scheme

UP Government Launched Nand Baba Milk Mission Scheme

UP Government launched Nand Baba Milk Mission scheme

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath launched the Nand Baba Milk Mission with a Rs 1,000 crore funding. Its aim is to boost milk production and empower milk producers by providing them with opportunities to sell their milk through dairy co-operative societies at fair prices.



UP Government launched Nand Baba Milk Mission scheme: Overview

• The mission includes plans to set up Dairy Farmer Producer Organizations (Dairy FPOs) and to pilot five in different districts of the state in 2023-24, with a focus on female participation.

• India ranks first in milk production globally, with Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh being the top-five milk-producing states.

Indian Dairy System:

• The Indian dairy sector is a significant contributor to the global milk production, accounting for 24%.

• India claims the top rank in milk production worldwide, and the leading states are Uttar Pradesh (14.9%), Rajasthan (14.6%), Madhya Pradesh (8.6%), Gujarat (7.6%), and Andhra Pradesh (7.0%).

• Dairy is the largest agricultural item that adds 5% to the national economy, a rise of 6.4% in the last 5 years.

• The dairy industry provides employment to roughly 8 crore people directly or indirectly.

Important Facts related to Milk Production:

• Uttar Pradesh is a major player in India's dairy industry, having a substantial presence in milk production, processing, and distribution via various cattle farms and cooperatives.

• The state’s milk output is contributed by various cattle breeds such as Murrah buffaloes, Sahiwal, and Gir.

• Uttar Pradesh has a well-developed milk processing infrastructure, including pasteurisation, packaging, and the manufacturing of milk-based products such as ghee, paneer, and curd.

• Moreover, some popular milk-based products from the state include Doodh Peda, Lassi, Rabri, and Chhena.

• The dairy sector in Uttar Pradesh boosts employment opportunities and contributes significantly to the state’s economy. Government efforts aim to improve milk quality, increase productivity, and offer farmers with assistance and training.

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