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India And Australia Sign Agreements On Migration And Green Hydrogen Task Force

India And Australia Sign Agreements On Migration And Green Hydrogen Task Force

India And Australia Sign Agreements On Migration And Green Hydrogen Task Force

In a significant move emphasising India-Australia connections, the two countries signed critical agreements on migration and mobility partnerships, as well as the formation of a Green Hydrogen task force. The Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) were exchanged following a bilateral meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese in Sydney.



Mutual Trust and Confidence in India-Australia Ties

Prime Minister Modi emphasized that the India-Australia relationship is built upon mutual trust and confidence. During their constructive discussions, both leaders focused on enhancing strategic cooperation in the mining and critical minerals sector. The discussions focused on expanding the two countries' comprehensive strategic alliance to new heights. Prime Minister Modi extended an invitation to Prime Minister Albanese and all Australian cricket fans to visit India for the upcoming Cricket World Cup this year in a goodwill gesture.

Addressing Security Concerns and Promoting Friendly Ties

The Prime Minister also brought up the issue of attacks on temples in Australia and the activities of separatist elements. He confirmed that this matter had been previously discussed with his Australian counterparts, and it was once again a topic of discussion during the meeting. Prime Minister Modi stressed that any aspects or acts that jeopardise the two countries' friendly and warm ties would not be tolerated. He further claimed that Prime Minister Albanese has told him that strict action will be taken against similar elements in the future.

Shared Ambitions for Economic Cooperation and Digital Innovation

Prime Minister Albanese expressed the shared ambition of both nations to conclude the Australia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement later this year. This agreement aims to further strengthen economic ties and facilitate greater trade and investment between the two countries. Additionally, Prime Minister Albanese announced the establishment of a new Australian Consulate General in Bengaluru, which will serve as a vital connection between Australian businesses and India’s thriving digital and innovation ecosystem.

Ceremonial Welcome and Reinforcing Bilateral Relations

During his visit to Australia, Prime Minister Modi was accorded a ceremonial Guard of Honour, symbolizing the respect and importance attached to his visit. This trip to Australia marks the final leg of his three-nation tour, showcasing the significant priority both India and Australia place on their bilateral relationship. Notably, this visit comes just two months after the state visit of the Australian Prime Minister to India in March this year, highlighting the frequent high-level engagements between the two nations.

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