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Economics Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Economy Quiz Set 40

1 The Model of Managerial Enterprise is associated with
1 R.A. Gordan
2 R. Marris
3 Baumol
4 Scitorsky

Answer:R. Marris
2 Which one of the following is not an assumption of linear programming ?
1 Constant output prices
2 Constant input prices
3 Increasing returns to scale
4 Technologically fixed factor proportion

Answer:Increasing returns to scale
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3 If the economy is operating at potential GDP, an increase in money supply will lead to
1 Stagflation
2 Structural inflation
3 Demand-side inflation
4 Supply-side inflation

Answer: Demand-side inflation
4 A major portion of the multiplier effect is realized in fewer periods when marginal propensity to consume is
1 unity
2 larger
3 smaller
4 none of the above

Answer: smaller
5 Under discriminating monopoly, if the elasticity of demand in market I is 2 and in market II, it is 1, (elasticities being in absolute terms) then the price behaviour of the monopolist will be :
1 To charge a higher price in market I
2 To charge a higher price in market II
3 To charge the same price in both the markets
4 In market I, charge double the price of that is charged in market II

Answer:To charge a higher price in market II
6 Given the demand function : 20 Q = P , where symbols have their usual meaning, at which price, the elasticity of demand would be unity ?
1 20
2 10
3 5
4 All of the above

Answer:All of the above
7 The optimum capital stock is achieved when the user cost of capital is equal to
1 the interest rate
2 the depreciation rate
3 the marginal product of capital
4 Tobin’s Q

Answer:the marginal product of capital
8 Which is the better measure of welfare ?
1 National Income
2 Per Capita Income
3 Per Capita Disposable Income
4 Gross National Product

Answer:Per Capita Disposable Income
9 What is the main purpose of U.N.E.P. ?
1 Equal development
2 Economic development
3 Reduction in temperature
4 Sustainable development

Answer:Sustainable development
10 Foodgrains in India are canalized by

11 Income elasticity of demand for food in developed countries is less than
1 zero
2 1
3 2
4 3

12 ‘Apna Khet, Apna Kaam’ (i.e. own field, own work) is a new scheme under MNREGA and it was initiated in the State
1 Punjab
2 Gujarat.
3 Rajasthan
4 Madhya Pradesh

13 The Total Factor Productivity (TFP) in agriculture during the 11th plan in India
1 Increased
2 Declined
3 Remain unchanged
4 Had no specific pattern

14 Which of the following is not an item of social security of labour ?
1 Wage
2 Maternity benefits
3 Pensions
4 Industrial injury

15 Input-Output Technique was invented by
1 Gunnar Myrdal
2 Wassily Leontief
3 Hollis B. Chenery
4 Robert Solow

Answer: Wassily Leontief

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