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Environmental Studies Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Environmental Studies Quiz Set 2

1 The relationship between two organisms in which one receives benefit at the cost of other is known as
1 Predation
2 Parasitism
3 Scavenging
4 Symbiosis

Answer: Parasitism
2 Species diversity increases as one proceeds from
1 higher to lower altitude and higher to lower latitude
2 lower to higher altitude and higher to lower latitude
3 lower to higher altitude and lower to higher latitude
4 higher to lower altitude and lower to higher latitude

Answer:higher to lower altitude and higher to lower latitude


3 Which of the following is not an IUCN-designated threatened species found in India ?
1 Asiatic Lion
2 Bengal Tiger
3 Indian White rumped vulture
4 Mountain gorilla

Answer: Mountain gorilla
4 Which of the following ecosystems has the lowest net primary production per square metre ?
1 A grassland
2 A coral reef
3 An open ocean
4 A tropical rain forest

Answer: An open ocean
5 The rate of energy at consumer’s level is called
1 Primary productivity
2 Gross primary productivity
3 Net primary productivity
4 Secondary productivity

Answer: Net primary productivity
6 Peaty soil is found more in
1 Kerala
2 Uttar Pradesh
3 Maharashtra
4 Gujarat

Answer: Kerala
7 Brown forest soil is also known as
1 Entisols
2 Altisols
3 Spodosols
4 Mollisols

Answer: Entisols
8 Establishment of a species in a new area is referred to as
1 Stabilization
2 Aggregation
3 Ecesis
4 Migration

Answer: Stabilization
9 The Zooplankton of continental shelf are generally the same as in
1 Neritic region
2 Pelagic region
3 Estuary region
4 Benthic region

Answer: Pelagic region
10 29. ‘Mesothelioma’ is caused by toxicity of
1 Mercury
2 Lead
3 Arsenic
4 Carbon monoxide

11 Algal biofertilizer consists of
1 Blue green algae and earthworm
2 Algal biomass and Mycorrhiza
3 Blue green algae and Azolla
4 Green algae and Rhizobia

Answer: Blue green algae and Azolla
12 31. A volcanic eruption will be violent if there is
1 High silica and low volatiles
2 High silica and high volatiles
3 Low silica and low volatiles
4 Low silica and high volatiles

Answer: High silica and low volatiles
13 32. Which of the following is the satellite for measuring precipitation ?

Answer: TRMM
14 Clay minerals are
1 Tectosilicates
2 Sorosilicates
3 Inosilicates
4 Phyllosilicates

Answer: Phyllosilicates
15 Vertical dimensions can be obtained from
3 Topographic Sheets
4 All the above

Answer: All the above

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