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Environmental Studies Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Environmental Studies Quiz Set 23

1 According to ZSI (GOI), which one of the following birds declined by 99% ?
1 Sparrow
2 Pink-headed Duck
3 Pond heron
4 White backed Vulture

Answer: White backed Vulture
2 According to Convention on International Trade in Endangered species (CITES) COP 17, which one of the following is transferred from CITES Appendix II to Appendix I by January 2017.
1 Gorilla
2 Pangolin
3 Tapir
4 Mongoose

Answer: Pangolin
3 Taxonomic diversity of a region with several ecosystems is :
1 Alpha diversity
2 Beta diversity
3 Gamma diversity
4 Sigma diversity

Answer: Gamma diversity
4 Soil water available to roots is
1 Surface water
2 Hygroscopic water
3 Gravitational water
4 Capillary water

Answer: Capillary water
5 C4 plants are commonly found in
1 Arid and hot environment
2 Humid and low temperature environment
3 Temperature environment
4 Semi-humid and rainy environment

Answer: Arid and hot environment
6 The point at which the light intensity is just enough to produce energy by photosynthesis which equal to the energy used in respiration is called
1 Equal point
2 Regulatory point
3 Compensation point
4 Complementary point

Answer: Compensation point
7 The global pattern of prevailing winds drives the cell – like circulation pattern of ocean currents called
1 Trade winds
2 Gyres
3 Jet Streams
4 Shallow drifts

Answer: Gyres.
8 As the number of species in a food web increases
1 Food chain length tends to increase.
2 System tends to be unstable
3 Energy flow decreases
4 System tends to collapse completely.

Answer: Food chain length tends to increase.
9 Each degree of latitude on the earth’s surface represents approximately
1 91 km
2 101 km
3 111 km
4 121 km

Answer: 111 km
10 Remote sensing satellites for earth observation are normally located in
1 Elliptical orbit
2 Sun-synchronous orbit
3 Geo-synchronous orbit
4 Equatorial orbit

Answer: Sun-synchronous orbit
11 Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction – 2016 (AMCDRR – 2016) was held in
1 Bangkok
2 Beijing
3 New Delhi
4 Colombo

Answer: New Delhi
12 Magma starts to crystallise when it loses heat during its upward rise to shallower level from a deep source. Which among the following is Bowen’s Reaction Series
1 Pyroxene, Hornblende, Olivine, Mica, Quartz
2 Olivine, Pyroxene, Hornblende, Mica, Quartz
3 Hornblende, Olivine, Mica, Pyroxene, Quartz
4 Olivine, Pyroxene, Hornblende, Mica, Quartz

Answer: Olivine, Pyroxene, Hornblende, Mica, Quartz
13 A 2000 MW dam has maximum head of 200 m. What is the rate of falling water on the turbines ? (Neglect losses)
1 ~ 102.00 m3/s
2 ~ 1560.24 m3/s
3 ~ 1020.41 m3/s
4 ~ 800.00 m3/s

Answer: ~ 1020.41 m3/s
14 The maximum efficiency of hydrogen fuel cell is
1 0.96
2 0.92
3 0.83
4 0.72

Answer: 0.83
15 In a biogas digestor having biomass and animal wastes as feed, for optimum methane production, the value of pH should be such that initially
1 pH is in the range 6.6 to 7
2 pH < 6.2
3 pH is in the range 7 to 7.2
4 pH is in the range 7.6 to 8

Answer: pH is in the range 6.6 to 7

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