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Environmental Studies Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Environmental Studies Quiz Set 26

1 Which among the following zones has the highest erosion rate in the journey of a river ?
1 Head water
2 Potamon
3 Mouth
4 Sediment transforming zone

Answer: Head water
2 In the decreasing order of hardness on Moh’s scale, choose the correct sequence from the following :
1 Quartz, Feldspar, Calcite, Talc
2 Feldspar, Calcite, Talc, Quartz
3 Talc, Quartz, Feldspar, Calcite
4 Quartz, Calcite, Feldspar, Talc

Answer: Quartz, Feldspar, Calcite, Talc


3 According to Darcy’s law for ground water movement, velocity is proportional to
1 Hydraulic gradient
2 Square of hydraulic gradient.
3 Square root of hydraulic gradient
4 Reciprocal of hydraulic gradient

Answer: Hydraulic gradient
4 Which of the following types of coal has maximum ash content (%)
1 Anthracite
2 Sub-Bituminous
3 Lignite
4 High volatile Bituminous

Answer: Lignite
5 Consider ocean waves of amplitude 2.0 m and wavelength 200 m. Assuming the gravity to be the only active force, the power available per metre perpendicular to the propagation of the wave is
1 86.24 kW m–1
2 172.48 kW m–1
3 344.90 kW m–1
4 800.00 kW m–1

Answer: 172.48 kW m–1
6 A wind mill has cross-sectional area 25.0 m2. The wind speed is 6.0 m/s. What will be the power generated by the wind mill in the Betz limit ?
1 ~ 2.064 kW
2 ~ 3.483 kW
3 ~ 11.162 kW
4 ~ 18.321 kW

Answer: ~ 2.064 kW
7 The potency factor of CHCl3 is 6.1 × 10–3 kg-day/mg. The concentration in drinking water that would result in 2 × 10–6 risk for a 70-kg man, who drinks 2L/day throughout of his life, is
1 11.4 μg/L
2 20.6 μg/L
3 6 μg/L
4 25 μg/L

Answer: 11.4 μg/L
8 Which of the following compounds used for disinfection of water is not stable but is prepared in situ ?.
1 Cl2
2 Ca(OCl)2
3 NaOCl
4 HOCl

Answer: HOCl
9 Identify the incorrect statement from the following regarding soil pollution by heavy metals :
1 Soils act as a sink for heavy metals.
2 Humic materials have great affinity for heavy metal cations.
3 Humic materials extract heavy metals from soil water by forming complexes
4 Complexes formed by humic acids are normally water soluble.

Answer: Complexes formed by humic acids are normally water soluble.
10 A point source of noise produces a sound of 60 dB at a distance of 10 m from it. If the sound is measured at a distance of 40 m, what will be its value ?
1 48 dB
2 54 dB
3 57 dB
4 44 dB

Answer: 48 dB
11 Identify the incorrect statement with regard to water purification by coagulation.
1 Particles suspended in water are in colloidal form.
2 Suspended particles carry a positive charge
3 Suspended particles due to similar charge repel each other.
4 When alum is added it works as a coagulant

Answer: Suspended particles carry a positive charge.
12 In environmental Impact Assessment, the baseline studies describe the
1 socio-economic mapping of the area
2 consequences of the development activity.
3 assessment of the risk involved during project implementation
4 environmental setting existing in the project area.

Answer: environmental setting existing in the project area.
13 Consider a box model for an airshed over a city and assume that the initial concentration of a pollutant is zero and that the air entering the box is clean. If the length of the box is 10 km and the wind speed along the length of the box is 5 m/s, what is the time taken for the pollutant concentration to reach ~ 95% of its final value ?
1 1 h 40 minutes
2 1 h 7 minutes
3 33 minutes 20 seconds
4 2 h 13 minutes 20 seconds

Answer: 1 h 40 minutes
14 For a sample size n = 16, the mean (X) value and standard deviation (S) are found to be 5.667 and 0.934, respectively. If the population mean is μ = 5.2, then t – statistic
1 0.5
2 0.47
3 1.76
4 2.0

Answer: 2.0
15 Which of the following convention/protocols/treaties is legally binding on the signatory countries ?
1 Basel Convention
2 Montreal Protocol
3 Kyoto Protocol
4 Paris Agreement

Answer: Montreal Protocol

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